September 27, 2017

eTurboNews – Hong Kong Cruise & Yacht Industry Association on Cruise Careers

Hong Kong Cruise & Yacht Industry Association (HKCYIA) is to give free talks to Tourism and
Hospitality Studies students of 166 secondary schools from October this year to March next
year. The talks are designed to enable students to acquire a broad knowledge and
understanding of the global cruise industry, thereby encouraging them to pursue their
careers in the fast-growing cruise sector.

Kara Yeung, Executive Director of HKCYIA, said “The cruise markets in Europe and the United
States are relatively mature, while the Hong Kong market is still an emerging one. HKCYIA is
dedicated to advancing the long-term development of the Hong Kong cruise industry
through promoting youth employment in the cruise industry.”

HKCYIA is currently arranging the cruise talks with the 166 secondary schools and inviting
students to attend the talks. Lasting around 3 hours each session, the talks will be given by
purser trainers with many years of experience in cruise operations and management. The
talks will cover international cruise information, structure of international cruises,
introduction to cruise travel, and career development in cruise industry. These talks will
provide students with extensive knowledge of the cruise industry, enabling them to explore
the different pathways for further advancements in the sector.

The free talks will be held at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal where most international cruises berth
in Hong Kong. Students wanting to visit the cruises are required to make prior arrangements
with travel agencies on their own.

“We are currently reviewing the applications of virtual reality (VR) technology in education
with several international cruise lines. These will provide students with a real-world
experience in cruise operations,” said Yeung.



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